3 Ways to Increase Farmers Market Traffic, On and Offline

When starting a new market or trying to boost the attendance of a current farmers market, the Market Manager must spend some resources of advertising and marketing. That doesn't mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars on billboard signs and fancy online ad campaigns to get more people to come shop at your market. It means you have to find the people interested in agriculture, fresh produce, organic produce, sustainability, and health and bring them to you. Here are three ways you can find those people to increase traffic not only through your market but also to your web and social media sites. 

Word Travels Fast!

When creating or maintaining a farmers market or indoor market place, your biggest allies are your vendors. It is very probable that your vendors travel around your region with their wares and produce. Word-of-mouth has proven itself to be the quickest and least expensive way to spread the word about nearly anything. Encourage vendors to spread the word to their neighbors and customers at other markets. Also, if your market is on a Saturday and a lot of your vendors participate in another market on a different day of the week, consider a partnership with that other market; advertise each other and share customers. Competition should be low and a partnership could be mutually beneficial.

Back to the Basics: Grassroots Advertising

Depending on your location, your indoor farmers market could have a variety of ways to advertise. Small towns typically have fewer publications to advertise in which is good for your market because you're almost guaranteed you will reach a majority of the population. Consider a quarter page ad in the Sunday paper about your Market. Seek out other publications in your area as well such organic gardening, sustainability, health, and agriculture publications. Also, signage such as banners and yard signs with eye-catching, bold titles will catch people attention. Depending our your budget, there is a vast world of signage that could increase foot traffic through your farmers market if placed in high traffic areas.

Bring in the Reinforcements!

We understand that a majority of public marketplaces, indoor and outdoor farmers markets are run by nonprofits and exist solely to serve the community. In doing so, a lot of farmers markets don't have the budget to spend on advertising campaigns or signage. That's where www.farmersmarket.com can help you by featuring your famers market for free where tens of thousands of people can see it. By filling out the simple form below about "What's New in Your Market," you are creating a free, online add that you can use on your web and social media sites. By using farmersmarket.com to advertise your market, you're also reaching people outside your area as well as learning what other markets around the country and world are doing.

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