High-Quality Beef in Loudoun County - Oakland Green

locavore, local food systemsOakland Green  is not only a beautiful bed and breakfast; it’s also a fantastic working farm.  Built in 1740, ten generations of the same family have lived and farmed at Oakland Green.  Today, it’s a well know destination for travelers, weddings, and high-quality grass fed Black Angus beef.

Located in Loudoun County, Virginia, Oakland Green supplies lean, healthy beef to local food systems.  Their steers are born at the farm and then raised on green pastures, clean water and fresh air for the duration of their lives.  Oakland cattle are grass-raised and grain finished, which produces a lean, nutrient packed, tender cut of beef for the Virginia locavore community to enjoy.  In order to ensure safety of their animals and beef, Oakland never subjects their cattle to feedlots, growth hormones or steroids.  Antibiotics are only used when they are essential to the health and well-being of an animal.

Oakland Green is committed to their community, their land and their cattle.  They are proud of their high-quality naturally raised Black Angus Beef local families can enjoy.  They have a number of cuts, prices and delivery options so you can find exactly what your family will need.  Visit their website for details.  If this kind of farm fresh food interests you or you want to know more about the slow food movement, sign up for our newsletter and stay in the loop!  Shop from Oakland Green, you won’t be disappointed.  

Oakland Green
19192 Oakland Green Road 
Leesburg VA  20175
Sara Brown