Grass Fed Beef by the Box at Colvin Ranch

grass fed beefNear the small town of Tenino, in Thurston County, Washington lies the 550 acres of mostly pastured grassland that is Colvin Ranch.  One of the biggest and oldest farms in the area and settled more than 150 years ago, this family owned and operated ranch is popular for their grass fed beef among neighbors who love to buy local.

One great idea that Colvin Ranch is offering is called Beef By The Box. Most ranches sell their grass fed beef by the quarter or half which is typically several hundred dollars worth of meat and the customer will need a big freezer to store it for up to a year as they enjoy it. With Beef By The Box, you get roughly 30 pounds of packaged grass fed beef, a third being ground meat and stew meat, another third various roasts, and the remaining third various steaks. All this will only run you about $200 depending on the actual weight and you can easily order this amazing beef online at

If you like to buy local grass fed beef and you're in the area, make sure to stop by the Tumwater and Steilacoom Farmers Markets, both on Wednesdays through the summer. Stop by the Colvin Ranch booth and try some of their second to none ranch raised beef.