Buy Local Honey from the Warne Bee Farm, it's Just Too Sweet to Pass On

buy localBeekeeper AP Warne has had a sweet tooth all his life. As a matter of fact, it was hereditary. You see, his grandfather was a first generation commercial beekeeper and all five of his children helped in the family business. After he passed in 1990 the business laid dormant until 1999 when AP and others in the Warne clan decided their desire for some good old raw and unfiltered honey was too much to bear.

So they reopened the Warne Bee Farm which is run by Steve and Sheila Warne and created AP's Apaiaries which is run by AP and Simone Warne and the family legacy continues. The rest is sweet history. The sell several different varieties of local honey including Texas Wildflower, Texas Clover, Water Melon, Orange Blossom and more.

Their creamed honey flavors are a best seller and the children are sure to love their honey straws which are straws filled with honey and sealed at both ends. As an avid green tea drinker I think I have just found a great way to sweeten my tea when I am out on the town.

You can pick up an order of their delicious honey from the Local Yocal Farm to Market on Tuesday-Fridays 10am-7pm and on Saturdays from 8am-5pm. If you want buy local and are nearer to the farm, call before you come to get an order from the farm which is open on Tuesdays-Sat. from 9am-6pm.

Warne Bee Farm
Steve & Shelia Warne
2521 CR 421
Anna, TX  75409
Phone: (972) 924-3928

Ap's Apaiaries
AP & Simone Warne
2527 CR 421
Anna, TX  75409
Phone: (972) 838-6699

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