Eat Locally Made Italian Food From Lucido's Pasta and Herbs

buy localEverybody loves pizza, who doesn't? Well, pizza is only a gate way into the wonderful world of Italian cuisine. Well just like fruits, veggies and meats, pasta is better when freshly made as well. 

Rumor has it that, you haven't tasted good Italian food until you have tasted Lucidos Pasta's and Herbs and Italian Sausages. John Lucido has been growing herbs and produce since he was five years old.  His farm is located in Copper Canyon, Texas and there he makes and sells homemade sausages, pastas, herb plants and many more foods. He used to own his own grocery store and still loves to sell his freshly made products to local farmers and people.

You can buy these wonderful pastas at Coppell Farmers Market on Saturday's from 8am to Noon.  It's spaghetti time and let's skip the ground beef and try it with Italian Sausage instead, yummy! I am loving local! How 'bout you?

Coppell Farmers Market
455 Bethel Road
Coppell, TX 75019

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